Property Owner Forms

The following forms can be used by property owners who rent to tenants participating in Metro Housing|Boston’s voucher programs.

Leasing to Metro Housing|Boston Clients

Renting to Tenants with Section 8 Guide

Request for Tenancy Approval

This is the first step in starting the process if you have selected a tenant with a Section 8 voucher. Please fill out this form as completely as possible.

Section 8 Model Dwelling Lease Online

Standard lease for use by landlords who rent to tenants in Metro Housing|Boston’s Section 8 program. If you would like to use a different lease, please contact our Leased Housing team.

Rent Increase Request

This form can be used to request contract rent increases for units subsidized with a Section 8 voucher.  This form is optional, but if you opt to use your own form or letter to request an increase, please note that it still must be signed by the tenant indicating that they agree to the proposed increase in order for us to consider the request.

Common Rent Increase Questions

HUD Lease Addendum

Required to be attached to the lease for a tenant in any Section 8 program.

No Smoking Lease Addendum

This lease addendum may be included as part of your standard lease if you would like to include a provision that your tenant and their guests are restricted from smoking  on the premises.

Housing Assistance Payment Contract

This is the legal document between the owner and Metro Housing|Boston which allows us to make the monthly Housing Assistance Payments (HAP).

Direct Deposit Request Form for Property Owners

Complete this form to receive payments from Metro Housing|Boston directly into your bank account.

W-9 Form

Important Notice Concerning Violence against Women Act (VAWA)

Terminating/Reinstating a Lease

Metro Housing|Boston Mutual Termination

Metro Housing|Boston Reinstatement of Lease

Change of Ownership

HAP Contract Assignment

These two forms, along with the W-9 and Direct Deposit Enrollment forms below, are necessary to transfer the HAP contract from the previous owner to the new owner. This is required in order to ensure no disruption of payments.

W-9 Form

Provides Metro Housing|Boston with the owners tax ID number, which is required for tax reporting purposes.

Direct Deposit Enrollment

Metro Housing|Boston only makes payments via direct deposit, so this form is required for enrollment before payments will be made.  In addition to the enrollment form, verification of account information is required, such as a voided check or deposit slip.

Proof of ownership – Owners must provide documentation of ownership before payments can be released for a property.  Documentation may include, but is not limited to, a copy of a deed or the most recent real estate tax bill.

Billing Tenants for Water

On March 16, 2005, a law went into effect in Massachusetts that allows landlords to bill tenants starting new tenancies directly for water if the property meets the law’s requirements for submetering and water conservation. For more information, see When Can a Tenant Be Billed Directly for Water?

Before billing a Metro Housing|Boston tenant for water, the following form must be submitted along with the Request for Tenancy Approval (see above).

Submetering of Water and Sewer Certification Form

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