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Board of Directors

Cynthia Lacasse


Elizabeth Gruber


Robert Kaplan

Vice Chair

Anne Rousseau


Terry Saunders Lane


Christopher T. Norris

Executive Director

Nader Acevedo

Stephen Adamo

Kevin Boyle

Susanne Cameron

Cassandra Clay

Philip Dorman

Janet Frazier

Langley Keyes

Joseph Kriesberg

Mary-Anne Morrison

Peter Munkenbeck

Richard Muraida

Jeffrey H. Packard

Esther Schlorholtz

Darryl Settles

Geoffrey Sherman

Charles M. Smith

Donald E. Vaughan

Michael Widmer

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Senior Staff

Chris Norris

Executive Director

Mr. Norris has served as the executive director of Metro Housing|Boston since 2007. With a staff of 155 and a $12 million operating budget, Metro Housing|Boston connects residents of Greater Boston with safe, decent homes they can afford and administers more than 9,500 rental assistance vouchers.

Prior to working at Metro Housing|Boston, Mr. Norris spent 10 years as the assistant director of Citizens’ Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA), in which he directed their state legislative policy work. Before that, he served as the coordinator of the National Consumer Law Center’s Foreclosure Prevention Program. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of the Pacific and his JD from the Massachusetts School of Law. He serves on the board of directors of CHAPA, the Massachusetts Community Banking Council and the Regional Housing Network of Massachusetts.

617.425.6606 | chris.norris@metrohousingboston.org

Susan Nohl

Deputy Director

Promoted to deputy director in January 2013, Ms. Nohl was previously director of Leased Housing from 2007-2012. She joined Metro Housing|Boston in 1999 as a team leader in the Rental Assistance department. Previously, she was the director of the Scattered Site Shelter at Tri-City Housing Task Force for Homeless Families in Malden. Ms. Nohl has a bachelor’s degree in American History and Secondary Education from Suffolk University.

617.425.6608 | susan.nohl@ metrohousingboston.org

Rev. Anne M. Rousseau

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Rousseau joined Metro Housing|Boston in 1997, managing the agency’s accounting and financial reporting functions, and was promoted to CFO in 2002. Prior to her tenure at Metro Housing|Boston, she managed the Accounts Payable department at Learningsmith, Inc. Ms. Rousseau graduated cum laude from Boston College with a bachelor’s degree in theology and earned a Master of Divinity degree from the Episcopal Divinity School.

617.425.6780 | anne.rousseau@ metrohousingboston.org

Samentha Alphonse

Director of Human Resources

Samentha joined Metro Housing|Boston in October 2017. She previously served as the Director of Human Resources at Health Imperatives in Brockton. She has enjoyed over seven years in the field of Human Resources, beginning as a HR Specialist and taking on progressively more responsible roles. She has experience specializing in both large and small size organizations in the capacities of recruiting, training, benefits, employee relations, payroll, and HRIS. Sam has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Management and Organizational Change from Pine Manor College.

617.425.6604 | samentha.alphonse@metrohousingboston.org


Brunette Beaupin-Jaramillo

Director of Leased Housing

Ms. Beaupin-Jaramillo joined Metro Housing|Boston in 1995 as a relocation representative, and then served as a program manager for 10 years. In 2011 she has was promoted to assistant director of Leased Housing and was made director of Leased Housing in 2013. She is a member of the Rental Assistance Committee and is the chair of Metro Housing|Boston’s Diversity Luncheon Committee. Ms. Beaupin-Jaramillo attended Bay Path College for Business.

617.425.6621 | brunette.beaupin@ metrohousingboston.org

Carla Beaudoin

Director of Development

Carla Beaudoin joined Metro Housing|Boston in 2017 as Director of Development, where she leads a team of fundraising professionals that generate funds from individual, corporate, foundation and government sources. Metro Housing mobilizes wide-ranging resources to provide innovative and personalized services that lead families and individuals to housing stability, economic security, and an improved quality of life. With her extensive experience in creating strong strategic relationships with community partners, Carla and her team have set new records for annual fundraising amounts at Metro Housing.  Carla has over ten years of fundraising experience in the nonprofit sector, having previously served as the Executive Director of the Newburyport Education Foundation and the Boys & Girls Club of Woburn. She has a degree in Government and Public Relations from Suffolk University.

617.425.6679 | carla.beaudoin@metrohousingboston.org

Akida Nau

Director of Information Technology

Mr. Nau was promoted to Director of Information Technology in February 2018.  He was previously the Systems Administrator/MIS Manager. He joined Metro Housing|Boston in May of 2005 as Network Administrator. Mr. Nau has also been a helpful member of the Handbook and Morale Committees. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

617.425.6657 | akida.nau@metrohousingboston.org

Steven Farrell

Director of Communications and Policy

Mr. Farrell joined Metro Housing|Boston in January 2013 after previously serving as Director of Development at the Boston Private Industry Council. While working as an independent management consultant in Ohio, Steve was the first executive director of a statewide non-profit housing association for people with developmental disabilities. Steve has also worked for United Way and City Year. A native of Watertown, Steven graduated from Northeastern University, earned a Bachelor of Philosophy degree from St. John’s Seminary in Brighton, and received a Master of Public Policy degree from Georgetown University.

617.425.6673 | steven.farrell@ metrohousingboston.org

Maura Pensak

Director of Housing Supports

Ms. Pensak joined Metro Housing|Boston in 2006 as the Director of Homeless Services, and later became Director of Client Services until March of 2013. After a brief tenure as the Chief Program Officer for Health Imperatives in Brockton, Mass., Ms. Pensak returned in March 2016 to become the Director of Housing Supports. Ms. Pensak spent many years at the Women’s Lunch Place and was previously the Director of Programs at Project Hope. Ms. Pensak holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University. She also completed graduate studies in the Masters of Human Services program at the University of Massachusetts.

617.425.6650 | maura.pensak@ metrohousingboston.org

John Hillis

Director of Inspections and Owner Services, Compliance and Systems

John has been at Metro Housing since 2010.  He started as a Program Representative and has held a variety of various positions in our leased housing programs.

617.425.6736 | john.hillis@metrohousingboston.org

Managers – Housing Supports

Molly Butman
Assistant Director, Operations
Phone: 617.425.6753
Fax: 617.532.7675

Regine Chrispin
HCEC Manager
Phone: 617.425.6716
Fax: 617.532.7667

Rosemary Davis
Co-Location Manager
Phone: 617.425.6738
Fax: 617.532.7509

Jesse Edsell-Vetter
Center for Hoarding Intervention Manager
Phone: 617.425.6658
Fax: 617.532.7540

Sylvia Kelly
Specialized Intensive Programs & Services Manager
Phone: 617.425.6764
Fax: 617.532.7609

Lanaii Tolentino
Motel Re-Housing Program Manager
Phone: 617.425.6704
Fax: 617.532.7515

Brenda Core
Stabilization Program Manager
Phone: 617.425.6642
Fax: 617.532.7554

Managers – Leased Housing

Josh Fluke
Managing Director of Compliance
Phone: 617.425.6678
Fax: 617.532.7637

Katharine Kaplan
Managing Director of MRVP and COC
Phone: 617.425.6671
Fax: 617.532.7546

Anthony Woods
Managing Director of Federal Programs
Phone: 617.425.6707
Fax: 617.532.7561

Sara McClory-Eamma
Manager Director of Admissions, Leasing, Moves, Port and Admin.
Phone: 617.425.6742
Fax: 617.532.7516

Sarah Scott
Manager of Training and Reviews
Phone: 617.425.6787
Fax: 617.532.7504

Dava Mallebranche
Manager of Leased Housing Gateway
Phone: 617.425.6617
Fax: 617.532.7556

Natalie Valverde
Program Manager of Section 8
Phone: 617.425.6757
Fax: 617.532.7531

Juan Haro
Phone: 617.425.6788
Fax: 617.532.7528

Irma Islamovic
Program Manager of MRVP
Phone: 617.425.6714
Fax: 617.532.7645

Brian Neeley-Cruz
Program Manager of Continuum of Care
Phone: 617.425.6778
Fax: 617.532.7682

Justin Cook
Manager of Admissions, Leasing, Moves and Port
Phone: 617.425.6660
Fax: 617.532.7682

Other Departmental Managers

Barbara Chandler
Civil Rights & Fair Housing
Senior Advisor
Phone: 617.425.6681
Fax: 617.532.7577

Jeff Landis
Phone: 617.425.6691
Fax: 617.532.7547

Carlos Hoffens
Inspections Supervisor
Phone: 617.425.6652
Fax: 617.532.7514

Jennifer Shaw
Property Owner Resources
Phone: 617.425.6637
Fax: 617.532.7539

Howard Wensley
Property Owner Services
Phone: 617.425.6656
Fax: 617.532.7533

Ivy Guo
Accounting Manager
Phone: 617.425.6747
Fax: 617.532.7611

Yelena Orkin
Inspectional Services Systems Manager
Phone: 617.425.6653
Fax: 617.532.7599