Why I Fundraise for Metro Housing|Boston

By Carla Beaudoin, Development Director

Let’s be honest.  Nonprofit Development jobs are a dime a dozen.  The average tenure of a Director of Development is 18-24 months.  There are thousands of nonprofits out there, with new ones being created daily and all of them needing funds to achieve their missions.

It is an unforgiving field with the constant ring of “more” running through your head and the pressure often drives many development professionals to jump from organization to organization, or even forces them completely out of nonprofit development.

So, why do I do it?

Mission – Everyone deserves a place to call home. It doesn’t get any more basic or imperative than that.  A safe, affordable home is the foundation that leads to improved access to basic necessities, job opportunities, and educational advancement.

Staff – Have you heard the expression, those who can’t program, fundraise? Ok, I made it up, but for me, it is so true.  I can’t accomplish what my colleagues do every single day.  While the needs of our participants become greater and more complex, resources become more limited.  Our staff works minor miracles on a daily basis.

Participants – The participants we serve often have had a situation that has lead them to where they are now – a medical diagnosis, lost job, or other life altering event – that has placed them on a spiral they can no longer control. They need help getting back on their feet.

Donors – Each donor has a different reason for giving and we appreciate each and every gift we receive. It is because of our donors that we are able to offer programs like Specialized Intensive Program Services (SIPS) where staff helps the chronically homeless find a home and to stay housed. And it is because of our donors that the staff of our Colocation program can visit 16 neighborhoods and communities throughout Greater Boston to offer our eviction prevention, stabilization and economic security programming to 2,000 residents.

I am fortunate to work for an organization that does what it says it will, is transparent, and has the interest of our participants at the forefront.  We help hundreds of people on a daily basis but our work (and fundraising) won’t be done until everyone in Greater Boston has a place to call home.

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