Stable Housing Leads to Recovery

Suad, whose intense story of recovery and housing search was featured in Metro Housing’s 2019 Impact Report, recently received the best news of her life.  Her siblings – ages 13 through 18 – received approval for asylum and were going to be able to join her and her mother in Boston.

It had been more than three years since Suad and her mother left Africa – and their family –to come to Boston so that Suad could receive medical care after an attack left her face badly burned and disfigured. Metro Housing was able to secure an emergency medical voucher through the Continuum of Care (COC) program with assistance from the City of Boston’s Department of Neighborhood Development.

On November 13, Sylvia Kelly and Yanick Dennis of Metro Housing’s Specialized Intensive Programs & Services brought Suad and her mother to Boston’s Logan Airport for an emotional reunion with their family.

“It was an extraordinary family reunion, “ said Sylvia. “This family has been through such pain and sadness for nearly four years and to see the happiness and tears of joy when they saw each other will be something I will never forget.”

Sylvia and her team are currently working with Metro Housing’s network of property owners to seek an apartment that will meet the needs of the family.

Specialized Intensive Programs & Services relies heavily on private contributions. It continues to operate thanks to the generous support of corporations and individuals committed to preserving tenancy by providing services to those who need it most.

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