A Second Chance at Life Provides Hope for the Future

Eileen comes from a family of firefighters, so it is no surprise that she was able to channel bravery and courage to fight the many battles she has faced in her lifetime.

Eileen was living at St. Mary’s Center in Dorchester with her then 14-month old daughter after her child’s father left her, penniless and unable to pay the rent. After 10 months at the shelter, Eileen was able to move into an apartment in Quincy with assistance from the Continuum of Care program, which helps individuals and families experiencing homelessness with services to help them move into permanent housing.

Soon after her move to Quincy, Eileen became involved in an abusive relationship and became addicted to drugs. Because of her addiction, she lost custody of her daughter, who went to live with her father. Depressed from losing her daughter, Eileen fell deeper into her addiction.

When her daughter’s father passed away, Eileen regained custody – the jumpstart she needed to seek sobriety.

“Since I got my daughter back, I have not touched anything. I won’t touch anything,” says Eileen. “My daughter deserves better. I deserve better.”

In 2018, Eileen found herself on the brink of eviction due to discrepancies in her heating oil bills and was referred to Metro Housing. Through the hard work and perseverance of her case worker, Keith Williams, and a very understanding landlord, Eileen moved into a new apartment in Weymouth with her daughter.

“If I didn’t have Metro Housing on my side, I’d probably be dead or in jail. I truly mean that,” said Eileen. “They have helped me in so many ways that I can’t even explain.”

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