Raising the ‘Bar’ in the Run to End Homelessness: Meet Housing Hero Dan Rosen

As a founding partner of the law firm Klein Hornig, Dan Rosen knows housing.

The firm is dedicated to developing and preserving affordable housing and to revitalizing communities. Dan has helped clients build, buy, preserve and finance thousands of housing units across the country.

This month Dan will take that passion for affordable housing to new heights as he runs the Boston Marathon for the first time – as a member of Team Metro Housing.

Dan will be joining five other members of the team on April 16 when they run the 122nd Boston Marathon as part of the John Hancock Non-Profit Program. Team Metro Housing has had runners compete and raise funds through the Boston Marathon since 2006 having raised a combined $370,000 to prevent families and individuals throughout Greater Boston from becoming homeless and help households to transition from homelessness to stability.

Dan has competed in one previous marathon but it was a less visible event them Boston. As he approached his 50th birthday he saw it the perfect time to take on the tough Boston course. “I’ve wanted to run the Boston Marathon for many years, and as I approach a milestone birthday I’ve decided to embrace the challenge,” says Dan.  “I’m grateful to Metro Housing for offering me this small but potent personal adventure, and in turn am more than happy to help them bring life-changing opportunities to thousands of people.”

For Dan, the course is not the only challenge he sees. As an attorney with a busy schedule, training has been a real test. “Running has always been a way for me to relax, and it still plays that roll, but I admit when I have so many miles to get in along with work, family & weather sometimes it can be less than relaxing,” says Dan.  “I most enjoy the training runs when I get lost in them, or when I’m struck by the surroundings – whether along the esplanade, or up in the arboretum.”

Dan is greatly looking forward to race day. “I know from experience how hard it can be getting across that line, but also how thrilling it is when it’s done.”

To support Dan and help him reach his fundraising goals, visit http://bit.ly/DanRuns.

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