After Willie lost a good job due to the recession, he could no longer afford his rent. He and his young daughter ended up couch surfing with friends until he successfully applied to the HomeBASE rental assistance program through Metro Housing|Boston. Willie eventually found temporary employment, but was seriously injured on the job and unable to work.

When Willie finally received a clean bill of health, Metro Housing|Boston connected him with Jewish Vocational Services (JVS), to help him get a job at Whole Foods where he now works full-time in the prepared foods section. His housing situation has stabilized as well. His new two-bedroom apartment in Mattapan is right across the street from his 6-year-old daughter’s school.

Willie said he’s very grateful to Priscilla, who was fierce in her advocacy for him and his daughter. She also helped them in countless ways that went far beyond her job duties—securing a snowsuit and school supplies for his daughter, connecting them with Christmas in the City, making sure there were gifts under the tree. Joanea has been terrific as well, he added. “I love Joanea. She got me my job and pushed through the BHA housing.”

Read more about Willie’s story and other Metro Housing|Boston families like his in the 2013 Annual Report.

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