Michael worked as a residential counselor at VinFen, a provider of services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, when he suffered a stroke in early 2017. The stroke left Michael’s left side severely impaired, made worse by the fact that he was left handed. As someone who was dedicated to helping others, Michael was now the one who needed assistance.

After spending months in hospitals and rehab facilities, Michael returned to his second floor walkup apartment in Cambridge confined to a wheelchair. Unable to freely move about or leave his apartment, it was clear that he was going to have to find an accessible apartment.

Michael was referred to Metro Housing’s Sylvia Kelly, Manager of the SIPS program, who began searching for a new apartment. Syliva’s network of property owners was beneficial in her search. While visiting another client in Medford, she learned of a one bedroom handicap accessible apartment from the property manager. Within one week, Michael was in his new apartment.

Michael recently received a motorized wheelchair that will make his recovery easier. His goal is to return to normalcy, whether it is returning to work or continuing his education.

“I’m going through a tough time, but when I think about the support I have received from Metro Housing, there just isn’t room in my life for negativity,” said Michael.

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