Loyda was living with her husband and granddaughter in an apartment in Mattapan when she received an eviction notice. The property owner raised the rent to an amount that Loyda could not afford.

The anxiety Loyda experienced landed her in the hospital while she was also dealing with a workplace injury to her hand suffered in her job as a nurse’s assistant.

Loyda eventually did leave her apartment but since she was unable to find an affordable replacement, she moved in with a friend where her family stayed in one room for many months.

When Loyda visited Metro Housing, she was hoping to receive help with financial assistance and housing search. Despite their best efforts, Metro Housing staff were not immediately able to find her a solution. Things were looking bleak.

Just weeks later, Loyda’s case manager at Metro Housing learned of a new Section 8 voucher called RNG, or “Raising the Next Generation.” RNG provides housing assistance to very low-income elderly persons who are responsible for raising young children. Loyda came to our office, filled out the application, and five weeks later was the recipient of a voucher.

“When I told my granddaughter that we were going to be moving into our own apartment, I cried tears of joy,” said Loyda. “I am so grateful to everyone that helped me.

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