Through a special program for victims of domestic violence, Lori obtained a Section 8 voucher and moved into a two-bedroom apartment. Even though she was employed, her ex-husband made things difficult by not keeping up with child support payments. She almost lost her apartment and had her car repossessed.

As a Section 8 participant, Lori learned about Metro Housing’s Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS), a voluntary program designed to help families improve their economic standing over a five-year period, and allow the family to increase their assets by keeping rent payments stable as their income increases.

My goal was to always regain my independence and become self-sufficient,” says Lori. “FSS was instrumental in helping me accomplish that.”

Lori first completed FSS in the early 2000’s to help her erase debt. Then, a decade later, while still in a low wage job and dealing with ongoing health issues, she returned to FSS to repair her credit, and help her buy a car to expand her home care- giver business.

“I’m not sure where I would be without FSS,” said Lori. “I learned how to set goals and budgets, and more importantly, become independent. My advisors at Metro Housing were so supportive and understanding.”

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