Bertha was a dedicated bus driver for the MBTA for 16 years, working four 10-hour days. She woke up one day to get ready for work, but something didn’t feel right.

A trip to the doctor revealed the worst possible news – Bertha had a brain tumor.

Bertha had brain surgery to remove the tumor but needed extended recovery time. She collected short-term disability, but that eventually ran out. Short on cash, Bertha fell behind on rent and, ultimately, she was evicted. With no place to go, Bertha lived in her car during the harsh winter months.

She was introduced to Metro Housing and her life soon began to turn around. Working with our SIPS team (Specialized Intensive Programs & Services), Bertha found an apartment that met her needs.

“When you know someone is invested along with you, it means a lot. I am so grateful and blessed to have had Metro Housing by my side. Bertha now has her sights set on starting an organization called Just a Little Help.

“I just needed a little help when I got sick. There are others out there that need just a little help and I want to be their angel, just like Metro Housing was my angel.”

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