Happy New Year from Metro Housing

This year has been exciting and productive.  Metro Housing marked its 36th year committed to ensuring that everyone in Greater Boston has a safe, accessible, and affordable home, and I celebrated my 12th anniversary as executive director. It was a big year in many ways.

We successfully advocated for city, state, and federal housing policies that benefit households with extremely low incomes. We placed our colocation sites in communities where we could make the most impact. We raised a record amount of funds through our signature event, Champions of Housing, and we fielded five athletes who ran the Boston Marathon and raised more than $60,000 so that we could continue to do our work.

We connected more than 10,000 households to homes they can afford with state and federal vouchers, and also served nearly 2,000 families at 14 colocation sites in Greater Boston.

We said goodbye to several staff members who committed decades of their professional lives to our mission, and we welcomed new team members who bring great passion and expertise to help us advance our work.

However, our job will not be complete until every family in Greater Boston has a safe and affordable home.  In 2020 we will continue to advocate for changes in policy that will help families address their housing needs and reach economic security. With the help and support of many of our city and state elected officials, Boston and Massachusetts have a real opportunity to significantly move the needle on affordable housing and homelessness prevention. During a presidential election year we may have fewer opportunities at the federal level, but we will continue to push and will not let the people we serve be ignored or forgotten.

I thank all of you that have supported Metro Housing in 2019. From our family to yours, may 2020 bring you joy and good health.


Happy New Year,

Chris Norris

Executive Director

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