Affordable housing organization will move to Roxbury Crossing in October

Boston, MA – Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership (MBHP), a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating and preventing homelessness in Boston, has changed its name to better represent the work the organization does. Now to be known as Metro Housing|Boston, the organization’s name will be easier to say and remember for the thousands of people helped every year. Accompanying the new name and logo is Metro Housing|Boston’s new tag line which speaks directly to its purpose – People First. Housing  Always.

Metro Housing|Boston, serving more than 25,000 households annually, offers wide-ranging resources to provide personalized services and programs that lead families to housing stability, economic security and an improved quality of life.

“Being committed to providing the very best service requires us to constantly evolve. Our shift to Metro Housing l Boston is part of that transition,” said Chris Norris, executive director of Metro Housing|Boston. “For more than 30 years, our staff has been dedicated to ensuring that every person in Greater Boston will always have a place to call home. A new name and logo will not change that.”

Metro Housing|Boston also announced today that it will relocate its offices from 125 Lincoln Street near South Station to 1411 Tremont Street at Roxbury Crossing. The move to the 27,000 square foot office over two floors is expected to be completed this fall. Built as part of a larger effort to re-establish Roxbury Crossing as a vibrant neighborhood center and a gateway to Mission Hill, the new facility is a part of a mixed-use residential and commercial community developed by Mission Hill Neighborhood Housing Services. In addition to Metro Housing|Boston, it will include a bank branch, 40 affordable housing units, and other retail space for local vendors.

This new transit-oriented space will be easily accessible by walking, driving, or public transportation to 65 percent of the people Metro Housing|Boston serves. With more than half of the participants being elderly or in households where a member has a disability, the new office space has been designed specifically for people with mobility impairments.

“Our move to Roxbury Crossing is significant in so many ways,” added Norris. “To both be on a transit line close to the majority of families we work with, as well as close for our employees, many of whom live in or around the neighborhood, was a key part of our decision to relocate. Our rent at our current location has doubled in the past 15 years and now we will be able to build equity in something we own.”

“The staff and Board members look forward to deepening existing relationships and building new partnerships as we embark on a new era in our new headquarters. We are certain that this new building will be transformative to Metro Housing|Boston’s future.”

About Metro Housing|Boston

Serving more than 25,000 households annually, Metro Housing|Boston is dedicated to mobilizing wide-ranging resources to provide innovative and personalized services that lead families to housing stability, economic security and an improved quality of life. With more than 30 years’ experience piloting and implementing housing programs, it has solidified their position as an industry-leading expert on navigating the affordable housing field. Metro Housing|Boston is committed to making sure that every person in Greater Boston will always have a place to call home.