WBZ-TV: Eviction Moratorium Ends: Where Renters Can Find Help In Massachusetts

Source: WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) — Affordable housing is top of mind for many right now since the eviction moratorium expired over the weekend. Zillow estimates more than 31,000 people in Massachusetts are at risk of eviction.

Chris Norris at Metro Housing Boston, an organization that helps renters, said his office received a lot of calls on Monday.

“Mostly folks who are confused understandably and are seeking guidance in how they can go about getting the assistance that we have available here in Massachusetts,” he told WBZ-TV. “We’re telling them to apply, err on the side of applying, submit that application as soon as possible. Talk to your landlord and make sure we have that application so we can begin the process of getting that assistance out to you.”

Landlords don’t want to get into the eviction process either, a Zillow representative said.

Norris hopes to see more groups working together in the coming weeks for a “positive solution rather than turning to the courts.”

Metro Housing served 11,000 households last year and the vast majority worked with their landlords to come to a solution.

Boston residents seeking help can visit MassHousingInfo.org. For people outside Boston, emergency housing assistance can be found here.




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