Housing official inspired by grandparents

Source: Whitman-Hanson Express

Paul Rodriguez of Whitman had a childhood that could have easily taken him down a dark path to a life that he cares to not even think about. Born in the Bronx and raised by his grandparents, he was witness to many friends and family members winding up in jail for extended periods of time. He could have easily followed in their footsteps.

Instead, he credits his grandparents for keeping him straight and into a life that now includes a position with Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership (MBHP) helping others trying to make something out of their lives.

“My grandparents were my world. They instilled in me a strong sense of discipline, kindness and humility,” said Rodriquez. “I don’t know if it was out of fear of disappointing them, but I am very thankful to them.”

It is those same traits that help Rodriquez in his work at MBHP. He works primarily as a LAP (Language Assistance Plan) Coordinator – arranging to have interpreters available for clients who come to their Boston office seeking assistance who know little or no English. His other responsibilities vary day to day and often include helping tenants understand and navigate through the array of paperwork requirements necessary to apply for rental assistance.

“My life’s journey has prepared me to do the work that I do every day,” says Rodriquez. “I have been fortunate to be put into a position where I can impact the lives of people who just need a helping hand to try to make something out of nothing. I work with a very passionate group of colleagues who take pride in what they do – helping others improve their lives and become stable in their housing situation. It doesn’t  get  more rewarding than that.”

Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership (MBHP) is dedicated to connecting the residents of Greater Boston with safe, decent homes they can afford. Serving more than 20,000 households annually, MBHP empowers families and individuals to move along the continuum from homelessness to housing stability. For more information, visit www.mbhp.org,facebook.com/MBHPHome, or follow MBHP on Twitter at @MBHPhousing.

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