As part of Metro Housing|Boston’s mission to help individuals and families find and retain decent, affordable housing, a listing service is provided at no charge to both tenants and property owners.


If you receive an e-mail from any business on this apartment listing site requesting that you wire or otherwise transfer funds, you must confirm the request and any corresponding instructions via telephone before you initiate any transfer. Hackers are targeting e-mails of real estate agents, property management companies, attorneys, and other businesses in attempts to initiate fraudulent wire requests. DO NOT SEND ANY FUNDS WITHOUT FIRST CONFIRMING WITH THE KNOWN PERSON BY TELEPHONE AND RECEIVING APPROPRIATE PROOF OF IDENTITY FIRST!

Please note: As a condition of using this service, brokers, realtors, salespersons and other property owner representatives agree to not charge any fees (Including broker or realtor fees, holding and processing fees, and other fees unrelated to the leasing process) to prospective tenants.

If you are asked to pay any fees, please contact Property Owner Services Manager Jennifer Shaw at or 617.425.6637. Do not contact Jennifer for housing search assistance. 

If you are a property owner and wish to list an apartment, please complete our List an Apartment form.

If you are a tenant and need assistance with housing-related resources, please contact our Housing Hub’s Resource Line at 617.425.6700 or at